• Arts/Industry Residency @ Kohler Factories

    I am presently in Sheboygan WI - awarded one of the Arts/ Industry Residencies by the John M Kohler Art Center and the Kohler company. I am blessed to have the support from my wife, friends, family and the above mentioned entities to facilitate my creative processes and practice. I am in the Iron Foundry building and have been here one day over a week stuck in a blizzard which I enjoyed, continue to meet smart hardworking people daily in a highly efficient company that is safe, worker centered, and privately owned. I like Wisconsin. The people at Kohler (both ArtCenter and Company) have gone out of their way to match the shifting nature of my practice to the appropriate resources and/or person. I will be here 3 months and the machine on the shoulders is full throttle just waiting for my body to catch up. No wishes or luck needed just send those positive( really negative) Vibrations with a strong breeze and it will arrive in the form of a snowflake. Special thanks to my love Ariel, Adrienne, Ma&Pa, Jason, Jeff, Katie,Ruth, Woida, Kristin, Garrett, and Kohler.

  • Bryan Schoneman

    I have accepted a job at HSU-Humboldt State University- located in Arcata, CA as a Sculpture Professor. HSU is my undergrad alum and I am blessed to have the opportunity to teach in familiar territory. I believe that HSU is a unique academic environment that is rare in its preservation and contemporary application of practices/ techniques/ processes that are dying out across the nation and world. HSU's Art Dept.offers Printmaking, Sculpture, Ceramics, Analog/digital Photography, Painting, Drawing, Design and Color, Arts Education, Graphic Design, Jewelry,Art History-each program being represented/ facilitated by the best in that practice without any fear of new media, processes, or technology but a sober acceptance and assimilation.
    Anyway I am excited to be a part of this program and recognize the treasure it is and has become.

  • 4 Culture Solo-Exhibition, Seattle, WA

    I received a solo spot in the exhibition space at 4 Culture beginning July 2012. I will be showing new work related to my interest in the soil horizon c or bedrock. There will be a closing instead of an opening because I will be activating the space with performance, experiments and failed attempts. I will make a schedule for when I will be present in the 4 Culture space during the month of July. I also have been tinkering with crystal detectors, electro- magnetic systems, and the communication of plants through evapo-transpiration from the underside of the leaves, and some other things. Come and take a look in July. Thank you to 4 Culture for this opportunity